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Discussion in 'Site Support & News' started by Art Andrews, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. Lowdmekon

    Lowdmekon Elite Hunter

    Forgive me if I'm being dim but I can't see it on any of my post anywhere? Do I need to reactivate it or sumin?
  2. Lowdmekon

    Lowdmekon Elite Hunter

    Just been there and I can't see it yet back on any of my thread post?
  3. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner Community Staff

    Sorry... I wasn't clear before. They are now located in your information area, NOT under each post.
  4. Tomek

    Tomek Hunter

    Cant say i like the new look :(
  5. Lowdmekon

    Lowdmekon Elite Hunter

    Hi Art, any news on the Hunters Lair strap line?
  6. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner Community Staff

    Honestly... I haven't looked at it yet. We have been working hard on cleaning up a number of aspects which include thousands of edits to post and users. I am not ignoring it, but it is low on the priority list right now.
  7. Andre de Jong

    Andre de Jong Elite Hunter

    Do i miss the Feedback option?
  8. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner Community Staff

    Unfortunately, that is not one of the options that was ported over. We are still looking at solutions for that.
  9. oxtheii

    oxtheii Hunter

    Really liking the simplicity of the site!

    A suggestion until Feedback is re-added is to leave a comment on the sales thread from your purchase and maybe a comment on the users page so others could read it?
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  10. Uhlakk

    Uhlakk Hunter

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