Oni / Buhal'ra (Southeast Asian / Pacific) Yautja

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  1. I also like spikey calves.

  2. Interesting "stick" on that concept-art.

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  3. M77

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    Terribly impractical when trying to take off your skinny jeans though :lol:
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  4. Isubomo

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    Cheers M! :D I did thought abut that back plate, it does look bland and there's certainly heaps of room to put something on there but haven't totally decided what ;P Glad you thought the same!

    Cheers Okami! I saw that from Narin's as well, and really thought hard about putting spikes similar to what you posted (still thinking)..maybe I will :) But then if there were spikes, I would have to make a shin armour that's open at the back..it is interesting most definitely..but then, don't you think it's gonna be too much?
    You know, if less is more? Sorry, I’m rambling on here..LOL

    Thanks for your feedback fellas, will defo work on it a little bit more!
    Cheers all!
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  5. Isubomo

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    Got busy again these past few days with RL, but was able to put in an hour into making those changes from your feedbacks (Thanks so much again!) I'm at this stage of the sculpt where I'm pretty happy with the sculpt and afraid by adding more, i'm making it worse? does that make any sense? LOL :D I realize there's always room for improvement, but sometimes, you just gotta step back and..take the leap! :D
    Added more 'old skin lines', the design of the back plate, addes more 'scratches' here and there (some at the front) and, really thought hard about the spikes, but I plan to use this leg as a base for all my future preds (if..LOL) so did a compromise and put in some spikey hair pores ;P

    Now on to the left foot! :D Feedback/comments still very much appreciated! Cheers all! :D
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  6. The irregular leg-armor looks good on the Tracker, perhaps ...

  7. Isubomo

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    Cheers Okami! :) I plan to have the assymetrical/irregular armour part on the shoulder and maybe the hands.. as I haven't decided if i want to have 2 wrist blades or 1...speaking of.. Had some free time yesterday at work (shhhh.. ;P ) and made a diagram..it's not as detailed as I want as it is in my head, but just to show you a rough idea on how I plan to implement the Balisong wrist blades. :) Wrist-Balisong-frames.jpg

    Fig. 01 shows the 'rest' position and just wanted to show you what sort of rotating joints will be at the end of the stationary safe handle. The latch will be some spring/trigger/lock thing, where i can 'unlock' it somewhere near my hands that is hidden. From then, Gravity or the swinging motion of my arms will hopefully, flip it like a real, regular balisong blade. :D Let me know what you think :D

    Cheers all!
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  9. The moves of a balisong look smooth when you can move it freely in your hand(s).
    But seeing this mounted to an arm, you have to do some birdman-moves to open it.
    In my imagination this opening-procedure looks a bit goofy …

    My preference is an economical 180 radius flip of the blade.

    Ohnge Titel-2.jpg
  10. Isubomo

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    Thanks for the feedback Okami :)

    But I was thinking, I will mostly use gravity to help with the momentum of flicking the blades..I know the movement involved will be 'large' as you say, but, I feel though if it's not executed as such, it will negate the whole idea of a Balisong themed wrist blade altogether..I should atleast try, right? :) I mean, If it really looks silly, I'll be more than happy to scratch the whole thing completely :)

    I definitely appreciate the feed back though! Thanks!
  11. And what do you think about elbow-blades?


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