The second foam Predator

Discussion in 'Predator Anatomy (Costumes)' started by Neqrim, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. Neqrim

    Neqrim Unblooded

    I'm starting a new project "Foam Predator II". In April will be a convention Pyrkon 2017 in Poland and my eight year old son wants to be a Predator.
    Everything will be done with EVA Foam.

    tmp_1956-DSC_0248329560739.JPG tmp_1956-DSC_0251340570071.JPG tmp_1956-DSC_0292805748458.JPG tmp_1956-DSC_02801108295228.JPG tmp_1956-DSC_02822080584005.JPG tmp_1956-DSC_0268753896687.JPG tmp_1956-DSC_0272519957252.JPG tmp_1956-DSC_027758753194.JPG tmp_1956-DSC_02761234199829.JPG
  2. Jmen

    Jmen Elite Hunter

    Drums! Yeah! Is it MaXtone?
    Oh, i mean, good job with eva:D looks good(y)
  3. LunaticNic

    LunaticNic Elite Hunter

    Looking good!
  4. Neqrim

    Neqrim Unblooded

    The drums are my son. This is a basic set of dixon riot.
  5. Neqrim

    Neqrim Unblooded

    Chest armor
    tmp_7501-DSC_0305418498242.JPG tmp_7501-DSC_03061929863659.JPG tmp_7501-DSC_03071704525360.JPG tmp_7501-DSC_03091787423659.JPG
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  6. Isubomo

    Isubomo Elite Hunter

    All coming together most excellently! :D
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  7. Neqrim

    Neqrim Unblooded

  8. Neqrim

    Neqrim Unblooded

    Backpack DSC_0352.JPG DSC_0353.JPG DSC_0356.JPG DSC_0357.JPG DSC_0359.JPG

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  9. Vyrstolf

    Vyrstolf Hunter

    Damn man that's awesome. Those blades are EVA as well?
  10. Neqrim

    Neqrim Unblooded

    The whole costume will be made of eva foam

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